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The 10th shanghai International Adhesive tape Protective Films & Optical Film Expo

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The 10th shanghai International Adhesive tape Protective Films & Optical Film ExpoTime: May.20-22,2014ADD: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition And Convention CentreThe global biggest adhesive tape and …

Time: May.20-22,2014

ADD: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition And Convention Centre

The global biggest adhesive tape and film industry exhibition, Expand your Market share in china & Asia


Sponsor: Zhengya Exhibition Agency

Organizer: Guangzhou Zhengya Exhibition Co.,Ltd & Shanghai Fuya Exhibition Co.,Ltd


Assistant: China Association of Manufacturers of Polyester Film, Taiwan Association of Adhesive Tape Manufacturers, Japan Film Processing Technique Research Council


About APFE

Established in 2007, APFE has grown into the largest professional Expo for Adhesive tape and film industries both in China and even in the world through global promotions and brand accumulation, which, in total, has attracted 1000 exhibitors from more than 60 countries with top brands and products from adhesive tape and film industries both home and abroad gathered, and over 50,000 professional visitors. With the transformation of China's economic growth pattern, economic restructuring and the acceleration of industrial upgrading, APFE, which is always staying with the industrial trend, has spared no effort to strive for the leading class not only in scale, but in participation of brand enterprises, enhancement of exhibit levels, Expo services and overall levels as well, in a way to better interpret APFE.


Gathering of Outstanding Professionals and High Technologies. Every APFE Expo attracts almost all the brands of the film industry both home and abroad, including support and participation from those listed on Fortune 500. The last exhibition(APFE2013) held in Shanghai during May 22-24,2013, reached an area of 16,000 square meters, with a comparative growth of 16% and a growth rate exceeding the level of the same period of last year. 497 well-known companies from 22 countries and regions showed up in the Expo and professional visitors reached 24072 person-times, with a growth rate of 23%.

Exhibitors of APFE represent the complete industrial chain of film and tape. Here you can find the world's leading manufacturers and service providers related to film and tape industries, making it a valuable platform for grasping the latest market trend and developing communications and negotiations.