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HR Policy

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HR Policy

A. Personnel Appointment Principle


●Put virtue on the first, Equip ability with virtue, Appoint people on their merits

●We are dedicated to exploit and foster the talents who are accountable, proficient in management, having the expertise and never cease to pursue excellence, to provide competitive compensation and sustainable development opportunities, and to create righteous, fair and open environment for competition.


B. Career Development Channel


●We always take the mutual development of employees and enterprise as the goal for the cultivation of talent, and try best to build a sound platform for our employees to realize their self-values and make remarkable achievement.

●The career development channel includes two directions of technical and managerial. The employees can choose their own career development channels according to their own characteristics and career plans.




C. Training Mechanism

●Company training is the best welfare. We think money can be spent to zero but knowledge learned is always valuable for a whole life. Company pays great attention to the training and reserving of talents by setting omni-direction and multi-level systematic training programs for new employee when they are starting to be on board.

●The training is mainly carried out in theseforms including: new employee orientation training, mentality and personality training, managerial skill training, professional skill training, management forum, book reading month, job rotation and temporary recruitment practice, etc.


D. Promotion and Remuneration Mechanism

●We built our performance management system with the core idea of target management and we continuously increase employee skills through performance management and exploit the potential of every employee. An employee who pays efforts, studies step by step, and keeps up with good performance can obtain the chance to promotion. We provide a fair competition platform for all of our employees and respect the efforts and achievements they made.

●Ability and achievement are the basis for us to set wage. We provide attractive and incentive payment solution, including further study program and annual performance-related bonus, etc.


E. Staff Relation

●Cherishing the management principle of “people oriented”, we put our employees as the most valuable fortune and pursue the win-win situation of our employees and the company.

●We endeavor to create a delight and harmonious working environment and a working atmosphere that promotes fair communication and mutual understanding.

●We boost the staff satisfaction through multiple interesting activities like forum, traveling, birthday party, sports day and outdoor exercises.